December 04, 2013

Why Life Does Not Really Exist.
  • This could mean the end of Life As We Know Imagine It !
  • He says, "...Turritopsis nutricula, the immortal jellyfish...can indefinitely alternate between its adult form and its juvenile stage. A jelly vacillating in this way is not producing offspring, cloning itself or even aging in the typical fashion—yet most people would concede it remains alive." If immortality requires the continual death of end game adulthood, for some of us Mofi just might be that ticket <:(!)
  • Life exists, we just can't imagine what it is.
  • Instead of "Life" just say "Machine programmed with nucleic acid". That covers it all. And it does exist - there's some sitting at this keyboard ;-) That solves it, and would have made a much shorter article.
  • At the keyboard? On the keyboard? Let me tell you, I took the keys off the other day to clean it out, and it was IN the keyboard!