December 31, 2011

Euphemisms You gotta love 'em, ifyouknowwhatImean. Of course, there is a Web-Based Euphemism List.

Here are a couple of George Carlin transcripts (SAFE FOR ANYWHERE WITH A SENSE OF HUMOR) on Euphemisms in general and certain military euphemisms.

  • I want to know when and how "cute" became a substitute for "slutty!" my first comment, happy new year!
  • I get annoyed at the airport when they start to do "pre-boarding." "Pre-boarding" - as they use it - is the exact same as "boarding." It means that people are boarding the plane. If it were "pre-boarding," it would be something that happens before boarding. Sitting around waiting might technically be called "pre-boarding." But boarding the plane is not "pre-boarding," it is "boarding.
  • Happy New Year? And that's a euphemism for what, exactly? ;) Seriously, business, political, and military euphemisms suck. Even those for civilian death I can understand--sometimes it's necessary to be gentle, but the rest... just a bunch of bodily effluvia. Welcome kittenfox! And Happy New Year to everyone.