December 15, 2011

The Internet Justice League Websites as superheroes (DC, no Webspiderman here)
  • *Studiously averts eyes to see insuperable goodness incarnate*
  • If Monkeyfilter were a superhero, what website would be its nemesis?
  • Monkeyfilter may not be a superhero, but tracicle is. Her nemesis, of course, is none other than turkmenbashi.
  • That 'Bashi...I'll get him one day. Wait, what?
  • We all know that you were responsible for the mysterious death of Kim Jong Il. Don't pretend that turkmenbashi is not next on your list.
  • He was so, so ronery.
  • I assumed you that you inverted the "o" and the "r" in "ornery." Then my googling informed me that it was some sort of play on the word "lonely?" Color me confused.
  • Ornery?
  • So ronery