December 07, 2011

Evolution: People And the Fish They Look Like. [Via]
  • ...just for the halibut.
  • You are what you eat.
  • In my teens, I did have that pizza-like complexion...
  • at age 51 it's time for me to switch from raisins to grapes!
  • I am not quite sure what fish I look the most like. A manatee is not a fish, is it?
  • So are people evolved from fish, or fish from people? I think the answer might be important. And avoid uncomfortable moments at parties...
  • I strive always to present a dead fish handshake. Some people are disconcerted, especially when they too present the limp hand and never expect to meet another dead fish in polite company. That stinks!
  • Well, not literally but only as a gulp. And the form of feeling disconcerted by the fishy fish effect can be a plus, most definitely, for then we are like two ships passing in the night that put up signal flares of non-aggression.
  • Well, that explains the used car salesman I met the other day: And why some of my best friends wound up on this page.