December 05, 2011

Consurgo. "A girl loses the ball she's playing with and it ends up on the street. Her father tries to get it back for her, but then something brutal happens. The girl, full of tears, doesn't know what to think when a monstrous creature appears and seems to be after her and her father." [Via]
  • A 4-minute emotional rollercoaster that goes very badly very early, then very weird then very sweet then ends... well... I've already said too much. There are a lot of cool and/or beautiful and/or mindblowing animations showing up online recently (more often at Vimeo than YouTube) and getting noticed by io9, or (the scifi publisher's site, not the anonimizer) or Cartoon Brew or or blort or boingboing. Which makes my websurfing happy.
  • That was absolutely wonderful. I have to say that I was a bit concerned when General Grievous showed up.
  • It reminded me just a little of Coraline. Pretty cool.
  • Very nice link, homs.