December 15, 2009

Health insurers are paying facebook gamers virtual currency to oppose the US healthcare reform bill. Users of Facebook apps by Zynga (which include Farmville, CafeWorld, Mafia Wars, etc.) earn virtual currency to use in games by following links to various "special offers". Get Healthcare Reform Right offers virtual cash in return for completing a form which is sent to government representatives. Now, in response, Healthcare For America Now has countered with ads of its own.
  • A few of my friends play these and they occasionally pop up in my news feed - but there's never been any temptation on my part to participate. The people laughing here of course are Zynga who are making money from this advertising "war".
  • Or is it only CALLED reform anyway? The whole shenanigans, and all, boggles the mind! You think? Always the question here in South Jersey, as it were.
  • But it's important, this post.
  • Health insurance for the USA? *starts growling and frothing* Please, please, don't get me started.