December 14, 2009

40 Beautiful Examples of Black and White Photography

I'm not so keen on these blog entries of 40 of this, 25 of that - but they can be good jumping off points to discovery of cool stuff.

  • Very nice. That first one strangely reminds me of a pub I used to drink in regularly back in the eighties. Not a yuppie pub, obviously.
  • Very nice, gomi-my-child. I really like the one of the old man with the cow for some reason. And the child sitting on the hopscotch pattern.... I remember playing hopscotch alone.
  • Gorgeous - thanks Gomi. I especially like two of the street scenes, the one with the snow falling and the chestnut seller.
  • Monochrome-ing is a difficult art, some of these are masterful. Link-jumping away brought me here and here too. Thanks, gomi!