December 08, 2009

Dark matter discovered? The particle community is bustling with rumours of a possible discovery of dark matter in CDMS.
  • Dr Leslie Sage sounds a bit of a tit.
  • I know where all the dark matter is. It's spread out very thinly across the background of every MonkeyFilter page, causing an almost invisible lavender/grey tint.
  • Don't let it concentrate or you'll kill us all!
  • "Dr Leslie Sage sounds a bit of a tit." That update wasn't there when I posted.
  • "Dr Leslie Sage sounds a bit of a tit." Dr. R. E. Ohla sounds like a bit of a tit, too. (Sorry).
  • Well, jester said about his Resonaances blog that it was for laughs as well as particle physics. That should cut him some slack. Then I looked up phonons and got TICKLED by this animated show of their energy states in crystal lattices at different temperatures. *Nooo stop it. Please stop!*
  • Dan: Me likes! Want more Wikimation.