November 10, 2009

Forgotten Objects . and an extra 55 Epic, Weird and Totally Awesome Images
  • The work in the first link seems like the artist may have been involved in The Nightmare Before Christmas. I really, really enjoyed the stuff in the second link, though I will point out that the only way to defeat Death is by beating him at chess. That frying pan ploy is simply not going to work.
  • I suspect that one or two of the 55 may have been photoshopped. You can tell by the pixels.
  • Those sculptures in first link were surprisingly emotive. And the second link was fun wasn't it?
  • Glorious. Love the first artist very much.
  • Good stuff. Thanks for the links.
  • Some of these seem Rockwellesque.
  • Some of these seem Rockwellesque. I knew there was more to Rockwell than just stuff like this.
  • Or this?
  • Them pix am good!
  • ...I don't get #22 though. That's just a picture of a woman with a dog right? What am i missing?
  • I thought that one was pretty stupid, myself. Like a woman in black leather with a rottie on a chain was somehow surreal? O RLY? Not in my world. Well, not really in MY world, but I do know women with big snarly dogs, and I know of women who have chains on their dogs, and I know women who wear leathers for cycling, so I suppose it could all come together sometime.
  • I'm glad i'm not the only one. I was looking at it and thinking is the dog actually part of the woman? Does she have like a dog body? Or maybe there's something nifty in the background. On the stairs maybe. But nothing. Needs more Lego.