November 06, 2009

Cat Got Lost Friday Feline Flash Foolishness
  • That would not work for me. On a related note, my wife has been bottle-feeding a kitten we found under our house for the past two and a half weeks.
  • Yay!
  • It seems to be working on my home computer. I do love simple games.
  • It was black. I pushed X. Didn't see hide nor hair of a cat or a game. :(
  • Click in the black area first (the cursor disappears) then press X to start. Click outside the black to get the key list. Things start kicking in around level 9.
  • Great fun! Thanks, Islander. And thanks EdAzakh - I was ready to give up on it.
  • I tried level 9 six times. Six times! Gave up after that. But it's a very cute game nonetheless, despite my gross incompetency at it.