November 04, 2009

Camera left on mountain top with instructions for climbers to photograph themselves gets returned.
  • That is super-awesome. That actually made me feel good without any negative side effects. That is rare. I would have certainly complied with that guy's wishes. Was it digital? Did people get to look at each the other photos? I suppose not, or the battery would have run out. This didn't really surprise me, though. Thieves are lazy. They are not likely to bother to climb to the top of a damn mountain. Leave your camera in a Wal-mart parking lot with the same instructions and see how long it lasts.
  • The article makes it sound like it was a film camera too.
  • Snowdonia? That's not a mountain - you can practically drive up it in a Hillman Hunter. This is a mountain!
  • "The camera was one of the use-once type" I was expecting a touching story about a long lost camera with a sorted history. Except, it was personally returned only 4 days later by a National Park warden.
  • This is a mountain! That's no mountain. That's a space station.
  • No, THIS is a mountain. Mount Borah, Idaho.
  • It was gratifying that no one shot the *full moon* pose, although the one guy did rip off his shirt...