October 07, 2009

Galactic Centre in 10E9 pixelly goodness.
  • OMG! It's FULL OF STARS!!! Sorry. /NERD
  • No need to apologize, that exact thought has been working its way around my subconscious all day. Savor it.
  • So that's what billions and billions looks like... /misses Carl Sagan
  • But doesn't the image of the Galactic Center look like a sort gargoyl's face? Or does it look more like horses stampeding toward our left?
  • What a fine imagination you have, Dan! Here I was thinking I should wash my screen--looks dirty. I want to see the shiny stars.
  • I remember reading something before about when the milky way and andromeda crash into each other in 4 billion years time and how despite there being a trillion stars in each galaxy and that they'll collide at sucha velocity that they'll pass through each other and then get pulled back again and go through each other again and again for a while until they settle into a big shapeless blob of a galaxy, that the chances of any stars actually colliding with each other is so remote as to barely be even worth considering possible, due to how much of space is actually just space and how little is actually anything at all. And then I look at the galaxy all flattened out into a nice 2-d picture like this and my brain can't quite believe it can really be so empty
  • Saturn at Equinox at The Big Picture.