December 23, 2008

Elf Yourself! Upload up to 5 pics of people you know and watch them perform hot dances moves in an elf suit. Utterly ridiculous but undeniably hilarious.
  • You can see a sample featuring my unsuspecting family members here.
  • hbs's sister sent us this one.
  • Hi kamus!
  • Hi Pallas! BTW PA, having met me, will vouch that I myself do not appear in that sample video- I have way too much dignity for that.
  • This is blatant elfsploitation!!
  • Kamus's artistic sensibilities are far too refined to take part in any such lowbrow activity, indeed indeed. Elves, forsooth, they are a merry folk.
  • You know you're running an ancient OS when sites like this one appear as a blank screen. Sigh. So, I've just been sitting here imagining specific individuals romping elfishly. And laughing, quietly so as to make my coworkers nervous.
  • I used the South Park character generator ( to make some facsimile images of the kin folk. Then downloaded them into the elf machine. Hee. Watch 'em dance.
  • Some people's children! Humpf!
  • See that "Powered by JibJab" icon? I went to school with the blond one! (on JibJab's site) Child genius, years ahead in math and what have you -- but I bested him in French! MUHA! I'm sure this will come as little surprise, but his father was a public school teacher who headed up our middle school's computer lab. He was and still is an Apple fanboi.
  • It's a little late, but here's one with me and my family. We'd save it, but we can't figure out how to.