November 16, 2008

Without further ado...the gullet mullet.
  • Why have you subjected me to this? Is this responsible moderation? No I say, this is a flagrant abuse of power - and a very, very silly hat.
  • Lovely! These hats are glorious. They deserve a matching pair of gloves. I wants me some Turkey Gloves!
  • Tracy, it worries me that you even knew where to find this. The little girl one is cute, though. The two adult ones I almost think are part of a fashion show. I've seen them somewhere.
  • The second one IS impressive. I agree with Lara that it belongs somewhere for show.
  • I know where I've seen it. One of my favorite blogs: What not to crochet. Unfortunately, she doesn't credit her source. I can't stand it. I need to find the original.
  • Heh. Turkey hunt.
  • i think the way that site slagged off Ugly Betty was even less becoming than its horrific spelling. Shame.
  • It was linked off a friend's blog as a comment, probably from someone else who reads What Not to Crochet. I used to read that - must be time to start again.
  • I was expecting a completely different gullett mullet.
  • I was expecting a neck beard.
  • Now THIS is a mmullet Business at front, party out back, bomb in the boot.
  • Linguistic factoid for the day: the Swedish for 'mullet' is 'hockeyfrilla', named for the ice hockey players who are one of the greatest proponents of the look. This is a magnificent word and should enter the international vocabulary. Say it with me now.
  • Yeah, before I ever heard the term "mullet," I always called it "hockey-hair."
  • I think I could have done with a little more ado.