September 18, 2008

Chronophage The hour approaches. The beast's jaws gape, its tail quivers and then snap! Another minute has been devoured, and the hour strikes with the ominous clonk of a chain dropping into a coffin. The creature blinks twice in satisfaction.

I love clocks

  • OMG WANT. That is gorgeous. *makes space on the living room wall*
  • That's grand!! And what mothy said!!
  • Makes me think of "The Gold-Bug."
  • that's a much better video. excellent, cheers
  • You know what? I just want to salute Dr Taylor, the guy who caused this clock to be made. He is a really, really great guy. He paid for my degree and he's being amazingly generous to Corpus. I think this clock is a wonderful public symbol of all the superb research that's being done with the proceeds of his generosity. Like this clock, this work is complex, serious, sometimes disturbing, and fundamentally good for us as a species.
  • Excellent post. I want the wristwatch version.
  • That's really beautiful.
  • I am stealing this at midnight tomorrow.
  • Resembles also the mechanical scarab with its whirring golden cogwheels that injects or exchanges fluids with an antique dealer in the 1993 Cannes winner CHRONOS --by Writer/Director Guillermo Del Toro.