August 06, 2008

125,000 GORILLAS. Primate news for primates. Good news for the day.
  • Where do 125,000 gorillas live? Anywhere they want to!
  • Let's hope they've been suitably vague in their description of the location.
  • To everyone else but us, of course. Me, I need some gorilla piggy-backs. Kit and I can race them.
  • I can feed them beetroot butties. I bet they'd like them.
  • GoodNewsFilter!
  • I know. I don't hand out butties to just anyone.
  • I realize 18,000 square miles is a goodly sized area. But 125k gorillas is a lot of 'rillas. I hope the scientists are right. I hope the gorillas thrive and prosper. I hope we can get smart before we screw up our earth-home any more.
  • FANKS!