August 05, 2008

Circuit City Worries- Here's the rundown: Hilarious Mad Magazine satirizes Circuit City as "Sucker City" (get it?! SUCKER City), officials at Circuit City get their proverbial unmentionables in a proverbial wad and order the magazine pulled from their shelves and destroyed, then gets embarrassed and reinstates the magazine and apologizes to Mad.

Leaving just one question on everone's mind, "Circuit City sells magazines?"

  • "The parody of our newspaper ad in the August MAD was very clever," he continued. Oh? I haven't read Mad in years, but they were never this lame before, were they? I mean, there was always weaker material in there that I'd skip (I'm looking at you, Don Martin) but -- yeah... Perhaps bitching about Mad is the same thing as bitching about SNL...
  • I remember liking it when I was a kid in the 80s, but in retrospect I don't think it was ever aimed at anyone above, say, 15 years old or so. Did they ever rise above the level of "Sucker City?"
  • I remember the movie parodies being much better than this. Key word "remember".
  • Mad magazine taght me every Yiddish word I know.
  • As one moves up the age ladder, of course this type of humor moves down the appreciation scale (that's my take anyhow). There sure was some stupid crap that Mad put out back in the days when I was flipping through it - - and once I hit a certain age it started to seem irrelevant. Granted, their sales have never been quite the same as the "heyday" of Mad Magazine. Times-a-changin'...
  • what, me worry sucker?
  • hey Hey HEY! Don't be talking about Don Martin, Renault! I'll give you a ZIT-SREEK SKRAK ZIDIT-POW right in the BROOM PUCKA PUCKA PUCKA BROOM PUCKA PUCKA!
  • Wait--wasn't that Charlie Callas?
  • No, he never went past one syllable in any of his words. =)