August 04, 2008

The Mary Rose, or la Maria Rosa? The crew of the famous ship might not have been English, but Spanish. Feel free to indulge in some 16th century conspiracy theories. Tin-foil morion not included.
  • Ok, this qualifies as super cool. Such neat research! I'm not quite as convinced by the 'language problems caused the ship to sink' thing. The Mary Rose was unstable by design (compare HMS Captain) and all ships would have had an international crew to one extent or another.
  • Dreadnought is correct, the idea that the crew would not have understood orders is preposterous. A lot of the navy would have been somewhat polyglot anyway.
  • Poppycock! A disaster of this thoroughness could only have been carried out by Englishmen, brave and true! I shall challenge the author to a duel!
  • Those who have spent the witching hour on a foggy night at the Portsmouth dockyard say, if you listen carefully, you can still hear the plaintive voice of Able Seaman Manuel from Barcelona... "Qué?" "Qué?" "Qué?"
  • That's a good theory, islander, but a little research in the ghost scrolls thread convinces me that they ran into one of these. Should have been carrying a barrel with no bottom to it.
  • Actually, it was the French! As per usual.