August 03, 2008

Summer of the Bagworm: In which one man wages a scorched-earth campaign to defend three measly trees.
  • That article made me nauseous. From the volume of pesticides the (former forester) dumped into the ecosystem defending those three trees, to talk of the bagworm itself. I suppose the sensible thing would have been to take down the spruce and plant something less bagworm-friendly in their place. (But since when has personal obsession listened to sense?)
  • Well I thought it was a charming essay. Not really about the bagworms at all, but a nice portrait of one kid and his relationship with his dad.
  • Good story. Possible ExaggerationFilter. I hate bagworms *shudders* and I hate malathion.
  • This is why every yard should be paved. No trees, no vegetation, no pesky insects.
  • Oh, also no mowing.
  • Our mayor stated that the citizens of Runnemede should keep their mowed front yards small and let their backyards grow WILD. We planted a Norwegian spruce, named Frig, in the front yard though. Bagworms? Nooo...
  • Haaaate bagworms. The trees that shaded the playground at my old daycare had bagworms, and the suckers would drop down onto you unexpectedly as you played. *shudder* My Paw Paw had them one summer. As I remember, he didn't spray anything, but wrapped the tree trunks in duct tape, sticky side out, and painted other tree trunks white? Or was this to defend against some other pest?