August 01, 2008

Strangers + Centenarian + Books = Good Warm Feeling. This is a nice little story about a 100-year old woman, her love of books and how a bunch of strangers turned into friends.
  • Well, that's sweet. Good for them.
  • Nice story.
  • "I think I only remember the amusing things; I don’t remember any depressing things,” Ms. Goodyear said in an interview. “I think I just put them out of my mind. I know everybody has things that they want to forget, but I don’t even have to forget. I just don’t remember." That's what I want for my 101st birthday.
  • If only Alzheimers worked that way, eh?
  • Getting old is kinda scary. But if it means having people come over to read books aloud to me, that would somehow make it better.
  • I remember one day during my grandmmother's last illness, I made the mistake of letting this song crop up on my shuffle, on the bus. I was a soggy mess by the time I got home. Even just now when I was watching the video to check the subtitles, I had to do it with the volume off.
  • Or, TUM, if you prefer Chicago-style troubadours, there's this one that can't help but make me cry.
  • Damn. RTD, I think you and I need a dose of music from this guy.