August 01, 2008

Digital Archive of Toyo Bunko Rare Books - So many wonderful things.
  • Holy... this is more than fantastic! Thank you for sharing this, tellurian!! I like the interface too. *will be lost the rest of the day*
  • The maps!! I think I am squeeing on myself. Thanks for killing my day!
  • I like the interface too. It's extraordinary yes, to be given so many options - original scan (photograph, I assume) then colour, grayscale, full ocr text, colour bars, measurement, rotation, pdf download and more.
  • OOOOOoooh. This is completely awesome. Thanks for the link tellurian!
  • This is wonderful. Puts the lie to the idea that information on the net is always superficial. My complaint is the search function on the pictures is not intuitive and cumbersome. Will have to fiddle around with it, but there certainly is much to look at.