August 01, 2008

A silly site, full of fun stuff. Worthy of you, GramMa! This photo changed my life.
  • Now THAT'S an Underpants Monster!
  • GramMa's name is on a FPP!! *jumps up and down so much her support hose starts slipping and her dentures fall out* What a sweetie you are, my little Cheese. Come here and give GramMa a big hug and a kiss. *puckers up*
  • Good stuff here, eeQ. Between this and the other post, I think I can call it a day. The mind boggles...
  • May a thousand blessings rain down upon you, es el Queso, for elevating my Friday like so many helium balloons tied to a lawn chair. The Internet at its finest. Superb post.
  • Oh so very bookmarked. Thanks, Cheesy!
  • Ok, this is cute, but THIS is just wrong. Most LOL-worthy post, cheesy!