July 25, 2008

Girly post ! Oh, you silly girls and your shoes

I never have, and never will, wear the damn things. But you Monkey girls seem to love your heels. And because I love you, here ya go. History, and more history, of heels. The Evil Blahnik How to break in high heels It's not safe to drive in heels! Who would make a documentary about heels? More linkies, linkies, linkies Notice I refrained from a lecture and awful photos of what heels do to your feet. Just because I love you. And you do look kinda cute.

  • Gramma's at the G-T again! Seriously, love this post. I miss being able to wear heels :(
  • Occasionally wear them in shows, and I must say I do love the way the old gams look in them. But not for every day. I remember a conversation with my doctor. Doctor: "You don't wear heels." Me: "Well, no, not very often. Hardly ever..." Doctor: "It wasn't a question. You DON'T wear heels."
  • (P.S. I didn't learn to walk in the things until I was in my twenties, and it was a male voice teacher who taught me how.)
  • Say. no. MORE!
  • My feet don't know how to wear fancy shoes. I put them on and they just look up at me and cry.
  • I loves the look of them, but fear breaking an ankle. Getting better at tottering around in them in my old age, though, as circumstances seem to demand them more now. My mother insists they were invented by men to keep the womenfolk from being able to run fast.
  • I rarely wear heels, because they make my toes feel as if I've broken them. But I did just find some neato jell insert thingums that make my (little kitten) heels feel pretty darn good.
  • Where's gomi and trac? I thought those two had a heel fetish? And I'm surprised some of the guys didn't drop in to goggle.
  • I left high heels behind years ago when I was in an auto accident which stopped my car still, but my body was still going forward at 50 miles per hour. My left heel broke and my foot turned at that speed and hit the firewall, and every bone in my ankle was broken. My foot was no longer connected to my leg at the ankle level. The sole of my foot was pointed toward the driver's door. It was on a country road in Oklahoma, and I spent what seemed hours holding my leg so my foot wouldn't rest on the floor till someone got an ambulance to come. Luckily, the orthopedics guy who was on call was really good. I spent 5 months in a cast, but when it was finally taken off, he was elated that I could walk, since that wasn't a sure thing. I've still got several pins and screws there, which set off detection devices in Canadian airports. Ever since, my left foot has changed. When I first started walking without crutches, it felt as though I had 3 smooth stones just behind my toes that rubbed on the bones above. That was in the 1970s, and by now it's down to two, but the worst of it is that I can't get down on my hands and knees to do stuff like gardening. My ankle doesn't flex, and if I'm down, I can't get up unless I have something like a chair nearby so that I can use my arms to push up on. And, if you saw me walking, you might not know that I'm in pain, but I am. So, yeah. I don't wear high heels anymore.
  • I can't wear heels at the moment -- after that bad sprain earlier this year, I've found that if I wear heels for a day, the middle-top of my foot aches for a couple of days after. I think it's that high arches thing and it's been aggravated because of the sprain, or something. There are sufficient cute flat shoes out there that it's not worth doing anything about yet.
  • Shoot, path, you almost left your OWN heels behind on that one! I hurt just reading it!
  • ouch path! I like heels in theory, they do look good, but I absolutely won't wear them if I am going to be standing or walking at all, so pretty much never. I do have a few cute pairs tho...
  • I'm with you, sisters, but didn't ANYBODY think ANY of those heels were cute?
  • I love love love high heels with the cute ankle straps. On a not unrelated note, I'm getting quite good at typing with my left hand.
  • That's pretty much what I do, Medusa. I'm terrible about buying pairs because they're too cute and too on sale, but then I'll only wear them once in a blue moon. I guess they're just making my closet cuter.
  • I thought quite a few of them were cute, GramMa. I don't wear leather, and since my car accident, can't walk in heels, so I can only look. I love shoes that are kinda 40s retro.
  • P.S. While trying to find some examples of the kind of retro shoes I love, I found this site: Pin-up Girl Clothing. Yay for being girly!
  • I always wanted to be a Varga Girl.