June 21, 2008

Those Damn Birds: Those goddamned, motherfucking birds. (flash game)
  • But where is the dog who pops up and giggles at you?
  • I say we let the raccoons eat all their damn food.
  • Well that was profoundly satisfying until I was toupee-deep in poultry poo. I need a bigger gun with 360 degree scatter.
  • I'm fucking terrible at this game. I can't get a decent gun to save my life. I manage to save enough money to get the shotgun and then die immediately. Fuck those fucking birds.
  • Punchline: You hold him down, and I'll crap on him. Bonus to the first person that posts the joke. Nickdanger, go to your room! You know better than to use that kind of language on the front page! Your GramMa is very disappointed in you!
  • aw man fricking gramma and fricking sending me to my goldarned room see if i care i'll fucking curse if I want to curse
  • Much as I love birds in the abstract, I had to pull the birdbath out. They were hitting my special place: those fake boulders I put there on which to sit, if only they weren't going to be all fouled by fowl!@
  • *prepares the soap*