May 27, 2008

You have ten minutes to find ten tiny animated gnomes in this point-n-click game. (Part 1, Rooftops). See also Part 2, Walk in the Park, Part 3, Early Spring Garden, Part 4,Foggy Flat, Part 5, The Shipyard.
  • Well I can only find 5 of the little twats.
  • I found nine. (Hint for Part 1: there seem to be three main areas to zoom in on, then multiple places on each to zoom again. So work methodically.)
  • I also managed to find only nine. *possible spoiler alert* Did anyone find anything on the screen where there is an albatross on a roof?
  • We hateses the timer, we do! I love the part where you look for the little 'twats' and all, but when I'm seven down and looking for the other three, and the damn timer goes off and I have to start over--I quit. Great concept. though.
  • I. Totally. Rule. Ten twats found, 45 seconds to spare. /had no idea WTF without Tracicle's hint
  • You realize that your own doesn't count?
  • Even if it smiles and waves when you click on it?
  • If it does, of what use is MCT?
  • You have ten minutes to wait for the page to load. :(
  • Woohoo! Found all ten with 2:45 to spare - I'm all smiley now!