November 19, 2007

Photos from Endeavour These are supposedly from the last Endeavour mission. They are incredible. First time seeing photos from space at "daytime". Enjoy. Monkeylion out.
  • Try this link. Those are great photos. Someone tell me they are legit!
  • Thanks SMT. I don't know what went wrong. Me and links have a contentious relationship.
  • wow. These pics make me dizzy. Seriously, so many other space walk pictures make me think how beautiful it must be out there, but these make me scared in the same way that those old pictures of sky-scraper construction do.
  • like this one.
  • Second that, stomper. I got some serious vertigo looking at those.
  • If I think too much about where they are and what they're doing, my head explodes.
  • The second photo shows my home town. I'm impressed they went to all that trouble for me.
  • Wow! Just, wow. Too seamless to be photoshopped, but absolutely mind boggling to thing that it's real. My head just won't wrap around it. Men working in space, how fantastic is that!?!
  • I think all the astronauts should sit on the long robotic arm, and eat lunch together. Wonderful pics.
  • Canadarm! Woot!