November 18, 2007

There's no stopping the photoshopping . You'll either love it or hate it.... LOL or grit your teeth... PoTA (hit view all and see related contests for more...oh, yes, there's more) (much more)

Hey, I don't like ALL of them, but some were cute or funny. YMMV

  • *Looks around Man, it's lonely in here. *lower lip quivers Nobody likes my post.
  • I liked your post, BlueHorse. There were lots of baseball and golf ones. The bunny antenna one made me laugh. "Left a bit, Thumper, that's it". And the Rocket-Propelled Chihuahua. Worth1000 often brings teh funny. B3ta (blocked at my office for being "Tasteless", and rightly so. No taboos there) on the other hand are just rude. They did a competition on Prince recently, and Prince got a bit sad and sent the lawyers round.
  • I was using a failure to comment as a way of indicating speechless amazement, but obviously I was too subtle.
  • Is it SFW?
  • Oh, never mind.
  • Lara, yes, it's safe for work. Depending on your boss's tolerance for funny animal pics and employees goofing around on company time. Hmmmmm, subtle Plegmund. Now THERE'S a concept.
  • I didn't realize it was Worth1000. I've been loving the stuff over there for years.
  • The obvious caption to all of these: You're doing it wrong. (If they weren't intentionally offensive I'd make some noise about being offended, but... meh.)