November 16, 2007

Cartoon Dump: Do you love great animation? Are you a fan of quality cartoons? Well, if so, you will be appalled and horrified by Cartoon Dump.

Cartoon historian Jerry Beck and producer Frank Coniff (whom you may know better as TV's Frank!) have joined forces to produce a show highlighting the absolute worst animation the 1950s and 60s (considered the Golden Age of Saturday Morning Cartoon Crap) have to offer. Mighty Mister Titan whips kids into shape for the US Army! Little Adam learns fun facts about the "Missiles From Space" that help keep America strong! Pepito and Bucky face a horrific Bugs Bunny rip off created by the "Ed Wood of animation", Sam Singer! And more, each introduced by hosts Compost Brite, Moodsy the Clinically Depressed Owl (played by Coniff himself) and their friends! How much of this shit can YOU stand?

  • Compost Brite is totally hot. Admittedly, I'm on my fourth whiskey.
  • Quick note: apparently the live show features appearances by Joel Hodgeson as "Dumpster Dan". We can only hope that the podcast will as well.