November 15, 2007

New and improved stereotypes to teach your kids. (Via.)
  • Indians Lose Their Nipples Every Full Moon But on the bright side, when they reappear they smell exactly like fresh baked sugar cookies Ah, so I'm not the only one who thought of cookietits. Everyday, at Exactly Noon, Every Single Polynesian Goes Cross-Eyed Grrrr. THat's "Every day," not "Everyday," you stupid, stupid blogger-person. Sorry. It just gets to me.
  • That's alright, TUM, that literally makes me explode with rage, too. Which is a very unique situation for me, kind of a viscous cycle as an added bonus as well.
  • I personally believe every one of these. Especially the one about Germans and the Hoff.
  • I know a German, it's all true about the Hoff!!
  • kind of a viscous cycle Is that like a sticky wicket?