November 15, 2007

Mans fakes mugging with nail gun but clever Plod are on to him.

Particularly charming that he did his bit for community harmony by claiming his invented attackers were young black men.

  • Damn emo kids men
  • Guy seems rather unstaple to me.
  • Probably got a screw loose.
  • Two and a half years in jail seems a lot - while people convicted of GBH are walking away with a 'community sentence'. *Resumes reading 'Daily Mail'
  • I hope he's getting counseling in the nick.
  • I agree. Surely they could hammer out a treatment plan for him.
  • He obviously thinks he's quite a stud.
  • That's a fair point Plegmund - especially as now he's been caught he's not likely to do it again (successfully at least) and the only victim of violence was himself.
  • What will happen if he bolts?
  • He'll be screwed.