November 14, 2007

Malcolm Gladwell dissects criminal profiling. His conclusion: It's no more than a parlor trick.
  • Very long, but I will definitely be reading it when I have the time. Thanks, HW. I will probably get to this on Friday.
  • I just want to say that, not only is this a very interesting and apparently very intelligent article, it's also one of the most beautifully structured essays I've read in a long time. Bravo.
  • I enjoyed it too. My one complaint is that the writer seems to assume we know already about "BTK", which I had to look up.
  • I heard about a dentist who was able to give the police incredible details about a criminal - height, age, accent, occupation, whereabouts he lived - just from the bite he'd left in an apple. It turned out his teeth were crooked in a paricularly unusual way, and this particular dentist happened to have been working on them the week before.