November 14, 2007

Meet Neville. Neville got a tattoo while on holiday. In Thailand. What could possibly go wrong?
  • > he had consumed 15 cans of beer during the five-hour tattooing process. Well, it was bound to turn out fine then, wasn't it? Suppose that's 15 cans at .33 litre per can and the beer is 4% alcohol. With 15 cans over 5 hours, Neville is drinking a litre per hour (4 units of booze). His liver is processing 1 unit per hour, so by the end of the fourth hour, he has 9 units backed up in his bloodstream, and by the end of the fifth hour, 15. I guess this explains why he paid for the tattoo. Also, what about dehydration? Tattoos are very thirsty scars, and flushing the fluids out of your body with 15 cans of beer is hardly going to help the healing.
  • by the end of the fourth hour, he has 9 12 units backed up in his bloodstream,
  • Everything about this screams 'idiot'. Personally I expect he'll get that flesh eating virus in the tats & it eats both his fucking arms off.
  • I was hoping it was going to be one of those amazing Sak-Yant thingies. As a local art-form probably less likely to result in embarrassing mis-spellings too.
  • When I was on exchange, there was one guy, friend of a friend, who always wore a necklace with rainbow triangles hanging on it. We never saw him with anybody, but whatever -- no big deal. Anyway, one day, he showed up with these rainbow triangles tattooed around his arm. “Dude! Way to come out!” “What?” Dude had no idea what they stood for. And no, he wasn’t gay. He had to go back and get some crappy barbed-wire or something tattooed overtop. Oh, how we laughed.
  • One night in Bangkok and your body's a canvas The beer flows like water but the art ain't free You'll get a tat drawn with all the instructions And if you're lucky you'll get four for three I can feel a Gay Premier man sliding next to me
  • WTG, roly! Wino Forever!
  • what does this have to do with kitties? i do hope none were harmed in this idiotic process.
  • Neville is obviously a moron who got what he deserved. If you're making a permanent modification to your body, you should first make sure it's not something stupid, second make sure it's done correctly and third, not try to save a couple bucks at a cut-rate provider.
  • yes, and drinking alcohol at all whilst getting a tattoo is really stupid for a variety of reasons. and I am pro-alcohol!