November 12, 2007

"I've had this Space Cookie ever since I was a child..."
  • Little known fact: the best toilet paper substitute that nature has to offer us is the maple leaf.
  • I had a can a snacks one. I think they were Pringles. The cookies are adorable, though. And the maple and cranberry filled ones sound scrumptious.
  • Barbara Turnbull Living Reporter No zombie journalists at that paper, no sir.
  • As every Torontonian knows, the Star is staffed entirely by zombies, hillbillyswamp. The Globe and Mail hires only witches and warlocks while the National Post employs vampires. The Toronto Sun, oddly enough, is staffed entirely by leprechauns and assorted little people from Scandinavia.
  • Barbara Turnbull's tagline is thus a straight-out lie.
  • Why "Canasnacks" instead of "Canadasnacks"?
  • It would be funnier if the vampires worked for the Sun.
  • "...people always trying to take it from me!"