November 12, 2007

Monkey World Domination Is At Hand! Researchers at the Oregon National Primate Research Center have published a paper in the science journal Nature documenting their attempt to clone rhesus monkeys. Of 100 embryos, about 20 were successfully implanted (though not gestated to birth). It is the first such success with any primate, and represents a huge leap forward in cloning technology. The team hopes that their success will translate into improved techniques for therapeutic cloning for humans. Of course, this means that any evil genius worth his salt will be stealing this technology immediately to breed his own race of warrior monkeys for total world domination. I, for one, welcome...well, you know the drill.
  • Rhesus and ReRhesus?
  • We have a national primate research center?
  • Speaking of cloned monkeys taking over the world, I watched The Wizard of Oz last night for the first time in close to thirty years. Well, I watched the first two thirds or so. Anyway, I was stunned to remember that when I was a kid I was not aware that it was all a dream until then end. Even then, I thought it might not have been a dream. Watching it last night, it is so obviously a dream. The filmmakers weren't trying to be coy about it. It was very obvious. I wonder if people fucked with me more than I realize when I was young. I do remember my sister convicing me I would one day get a period...
  • Bernockle, I believed my Dad when he told me that the tap room was where he went to tap dance.