November 11, 2007

Gallery of Odd Fortune Cookie Messages "Becuase of your melodic nature, the moon never misses an appointment."

There are some cute stories in the fan mail section.

  • This post is so...yesterday.
  • My favorite fortune, which I got back in about 1957 when eating dinner with THE guy (at the time) was "If you don't want anyone to know about it, don't do it." I kept it in waller for years.
  • WalleT.
  • Ralph; your fortune says that yesterday is the rest of your lifel
  • I usually carry them around in my wallet for months hoping to find this good fortune of which you speak. I never eat the cookie. Bleah.
  • I remember going to Seattle maybe 40 years ago with my parents and we smuggled brought home a box of Fat Fong's Filthy Fortune Cookies.
  • Cookies are yesterday. Fortune cookies are tomorrow!!!
  • If I like the fortune, I eat the piece of paper so that it becomes part of me.
  • We used to use promotional fortune cookies at work. Then we got down to about a week before the expiration date and we were passing them out in handfuls to anyone who would take them. You;d think fortune cookies wouldn't go stale, but you'd be wrong.