November 10, 2007

James Brown gives you dancing lessons.
  • Did he bake cookies? No? Then I aint into it. Seriously, though, he's dancing to a tape of his own fucking music in the background. James Brown did not understand the concept of humility. :D
  • Argh. I am so not funky. Can you feel my shame?
  • 10fps does not do the man justice. I need to see the footwork if I'm ever going to pull this off on the dancefloor.
  • Whoawhoawhoa -- "Private Show"?!? Goo' GAWD!
  • I don't see what this has to do with cookies.
  • Paging petesbest to the lobby - Mr. Bests to the white courtesy phone in the lobby, please.
  • *goodfoots in* zZamniet! Ahherfn uzu hah! Abrenatema nood, ahza reppa gep! HaHgm! OnnaONE! H-pMah! Ungh! /split /spin /out
  • *puts cape on petebest, leads him offstage*
  • pete's comment makes me wish we had a favoriting system. Best typed impression of His Brownness ever.
  • James Brown's body lies a-mould'ring in the grave, But his feet go dancing on!