November 10, 2007

Here, have cookie
  • ..... That is just weird.
  • This report left me wanting more. What sort of paddle was it? Like a canoe paddle or some other type of paddle? Also, what kind of cookies and why only his neck and shoulders? I think a hot Ginger Snap up the nasal passage would have extracted $400 quick smart.
  • I don't know why but I find this hysterically funny. I want to do a bdsm scene with hot cookies now!
  • That's pretty hardcore. Around here, they usually just pelt them with stale breadcrumbs.
  • You kinky hot tart!
  • I'd like to try that on the Girl Scout who forced me - FORCED ME, do you hear? - to buy this box of Thin Mints. Gah. I don't even LIKE them and yet I feel compelled to send wave after wave of them down the gullet.
  • oooh! hot cookie torture on girl scouts? sign me up!!
  • *recharges camera batteries*