April 09, 2007

Outlaws and Highwaymen Nice set of quotes and texts about English robbers, designed to accompany a book but much more than just puff.
  • Last Monday week in Holborn Fields, while several gentlemen were travelling to Newmarkett, to the Races there, a Highway Man very politely begg'd their Purses, for he said he was advis'd that he should win a great Sum if he adventur'd some guineas with the Competers at New-Market on a certain horse call'd 'Boopeepe,' which my Lord Excetter was to run a match. He was so pressing that they resign'd their Money to his keeping (not without sight of his pistols); he telling them that, if they would give him their names and the names of the places where they might be found, he would return to them that had Lent, at usury. It is thought that his Venture was not favourable, for the Gentlemen have not receiv'd neither Principle nor Interest. It is thought that it was Monsieur Claud Du Vall, or one of his knot, that Ventur'd the Gentlemen's money for them. A different time, indeed.
  • You Gallants of every Station, give ear to a Frollicksome Song; The like was ne’er seen in the Nation, ’twas done by a Female so young. She bought her a Mare and a Bridle, a Saddle, and Pistols also, She resolved she would not be idle, for upon the Pad she did go
  • Excellent post, sir. This may also be of interest. Now I'm going to go listen to Adam and the Ants for a while.
  • Nice set of quotes Um, where?
  • I'm totally charmed by the story of Ratsey and the parson's daughter. But no Whiskey in the Jar?
  • Re: Whisky in the Jar: Lillebjørn Nilsen adapted it to Norwegian, as "Svikefulle Mari", ca. 1970. Finnish band Eläkeläiset recorded a Humppa version called Humppamaratooni. Y'know, just FYI.
  • you can listen to a preview of Humppamaratooni here (m3u file)
  • But where is: Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, galloping through the sward... Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, with his horse Concorde... Charming site, Abiezer. Fun reading about very, VERY different times. Makes me want to re-read Tom Jones just for the language.
  • That was a bit of shitty phrasing orococo, sorry. I meant passages quoted from longer works. If you check the contents page, there's extracts from longer works.
  • Here you go: "Aye, I bee a Highway-man." --John "Unsanitary Jack" Hogsbottom, 1729