April 08, 2007

Go for a ride on the Real Estate Roller Coaster. A century of inflation-adjusted U.S. real-estate prices presented as a real life roller coaster ride. ... wherein you will discover, there is something decidedly odd about the last few years....
  • Are those sale prices or appraised prices? I know some people are buying these days, and quite frankly I don't understand where the money is coming from to pay a $300K mortgage. Most people I know are struggling to make ends meet... it's definitely not the boom times of the late 90s. Most manufacturing is offshore now, and the U.S. is swimming in a sea of service jobs.
  • I've owned property since the early 70's and those rides are real. I had a waterfront property that bottomed out and then moved into a city house that has over doubled in appraised value since 2001. No wonder it's so hard to hang on to your house. It would be nice if mortgages didn't follow an opposite track.
  • You know, that's an absolutely fascinating way of showing trends through time. I've been thinking a lot, recently, about how to illustrate historical trends so that you can experience things in the same way historical people did without the decontextualisation of distance and overview. This is a really good way of doing that.
  • I agree Dreadnought. There are profound benefits to being able to turn complex datasets into something we can understand viscerally. One thing i would have liked to see in this animation was a continual year display rather than just the occasional date. When the roller coaster was going fast, I started to lose where we were in the timeline...
  • U.S. is swimming in a sea of service jobs. The scary part is that service business and "luxury" business are two things that are often the first to tank when things get rough. Cut back on the Starbucks, and forget about getting the car detailed. I'm astounded at how many services people think they need--I'm sure not the one keeping the carpet, maid, packaging, pet wash, fake nail, deluxe photo, furniture refinishing, painting, catering services afloat. People I know are starting to cut back on these kind of services, and it's got to hurt if that's how you pay your mortgage.
  • Well, that animation was subtle. "speculativebubble.com"?? Lies, damned lies, and roller coasters. Feh! Bah! /sputtle, fuss
  • You want balance, i'll give you balance! *furious google-typhoony-fufu* Here! It's a picture of a house from rollercoasters.com _/^^^^^^^\_ |---------------| |-------O------|