April 06, 2007

Thank ' Eas'r Bunny! Bawk! Bawk! Yeah, I know, a stupid one-link YouTube post. To an old commercial, even. You may fiah when ready.
  • "What's the only mammal that lays eggs?" "That's easy -- the Easter Bunny!" Aah, 30 Rock -- I'm so glad they haven't cancelled you yet. Merry Easter, everyone!
  • Because I like ruining things: Mmmm... Delicious salmonella eggs. Thank' Eas'r Bunny! Retch! Retch!
  • Oh, and hey, while we're not on the subject at all: How come we never hear anything about a "War on Easter"? It seems like the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus is way more important than his birth (I mean, it takes something special to do the former, and even a fool like me can manage the latter), and yet the X-ian meaning of the holiday is even more marginalized than Christmas. Come on, think of Easter and you think of pagan fertility symbols and feeling vaguely naseus after gorging on chocolate, not the death and rebirth of everyone's favorite Jew. But O'Reilly somehow has other things to talk about? BAWK! BAWK!
  • Bill O'Reilly in a chicken suit saying "Thank you Easter Bunny! Bawk! Bawk!" would be awesome. M&M's is missing a big chance with that one. Colbert could play the part of the egg.
  • I want to see Nickdanger and Petebest in their Easter bonnets.
  • Okay, fine, but this is the VERY LAST TIME, BLUEHORSE!
  • Bawk! Bawk!
  • Disgusting and very very commercial...and yes, I have some 4 kids but still find that this sucks bunny eggs
  • My best friend and I still thank each other with "Thank you, (sill in name here), bawk bawk!"
  • sill = fill
  • Quite fetching, boys. I like how you've managed to get matching purses.
  • Ad no load. *crawls into basket, sleeps on bed of Peeps*