April 06, 2007

"Wake me up at" stickers. Although considered by many a breach of etiquette (via), help is at hand for those who fall asleep on the tube.

The NSFW, Flash videoed tube song is here (as previously discussed here). A previous tube post. Another previous tube post.

  • I used to fall asleep on the bus all the time. These wold have been handy, except that I doubt any of my fellow riders would have actually done the waking. But from what I remember of the London tube, the average rider is a bit more friendly!
  • Some friends worked at a depot on the night shift cleaning buses in Dublin. At the weekend, they'd often find someone fast asleep upstairs, usually quite the worse for wear. The worst/funniest case was a long-haired bloke whose friends (or at least those accompanying him) had painstakingly tied his hair around the bar at the back of the bus. My friend arrives, sees the guy, shakes his shoulder saying "Wakey wakey" or whatever. Sleepy bloke wakes with a start, and tries to raise his head. It snaps back down. Sleepy bloke tries again, it snaps back down again. And again, and again. Until finally my friend figures out what's going on and goes off to find a scissors.
  • Wake me up at Lift my wallet before BAKER STREET