April 04, 2007

This article which briefly analyzes the concept of Nirvana from a psych standpoint, is a fascinating read.

Or, at least I thought so. (First post in ages; be gentle)

  • I am always happy to read expositions of the incomparable Dharma, but had a small chuckle at "the brian, thus, might not be pictured as a series of neural connections." Copy-editing in a second language is dukkha. Might actually have something worthwhile to say in later comment (Shock!)
  • Ooommmmmmm gonna have to read this later.
  • This is interesting, particularly so because I recently had a conversation with a person who experienced a mental 'meltdown'. He describes what happened to him very much as being what one might experience in a sudden opening to the awareness of all things. He saw a multiplicity of 'universes' and the hugeness of consciousness, amongst other things. His brain could not cope with this and he experienced a complete Psychotic breakdown. Many of the concepts that have been and are taught (from the teachings of the Buddha) and discussed for many hundreds of years have much to add to "Western Philosophy" and 'mind science', and often are far ahead in recognition of the actualisation of the brain/mind as effecting all things. Buddhist thinking and knowledge of 'mind' also stresses that one must have many years of training before attempting an opening to "full consciousness". The result to the persons attempting such in the absence of such training would be Psychosis.