April 04, 2007

The archive of golden age romance comics
  • Every generation needs their own model for how to conduct romantic relationships. The teens of the late forties/early fifties had comic books. Today they have rap lyrics.
  • Romance comics were one of five major genres of adult comics which boomed after World War II. The so-called golden-age of comics began in 1935 and ended at about the time of the self-imposed Comics Code of 1954. The main period of interest to this archive is the third phase of the golden era, from 1948 to 1954. During this period comic readership was at its height, and adults, both men and women, were a major piece of the market. These years saw comic sales approach 60 million issues per month, and a 1950 government-sponsored study of an Ohio town revealed that 54 percent of all comic readers were over 20-years old, and that the average reader bought about 11 comics per month. Nice link dingles! Although bernockle I'd say that crappy sappy prime-time schlockopaloozas like . . I dunno whatever One Tree Creek Mother thing it is these days is the romance instruction of choice for today's undiscriminating teen demo.
  • But do they tell you if you're ready for marriage? (Youtube) Or what to do on a date?(ibid)
  • Yes. They do. *snorts derisively, stares into space, sobs*
  • Several years ago I went out with a girl who told me that she was a "Rules" girl. I had a general idea what she was talking about, so I went to the library and took out The Rules on audio. Research can be so wonderful. So from listening to the tapes I knew, for example, that she was not to stay on the phone with me for more than six minutes (or something like that). So we would be talking on the phone and she would be watching her timer for the six minute mark to tell me she had to go. However, since I knew the rules, I would tell her I had to go after about five minutes. I fucked with her as much as I could before she ultimately told me that she could no longer see me. Reason? She left me a note in my office telling me that there was not enough room in her life for a man and for God at the same time. She needed to concentrate on serving God. Fine. If she wants God, then she can have him. I just hope that she winds up choking on his chocolate penis.
  • That's the scariest thing I've seen today. *brrrrr*
  • bernockle FTW