April 03, 2007

"Louie Louie" Turns 50 The gold standard of garage rock has a storied and illustrious past, but can you sing all the words? thanks to j-walkblog for the inspiration
  • Nope, but then again neither could the Kingsmen...
  • Get that Broad out of here! Let's Go!
  • me gotta go... ai ai ai ai ai ai...
  • Girl...ia...cthulhu ftaghn! ;E My band used to play this and follow it immediately with "Wild Thing."
  • It's the feel good hit of the endless summer gets those kids out of control singing along to that star spangled bummer hail, hail rock and roll
  • You kids get offa my lawn!
  • I shot a wad in her hair.
  • Really neat post, petebest, thanks! The FBI documents are awesome.