March 29, 2007

The Drachen Foundation has some stuff about kites. (I particularly liked the idea of miniature kites)

This may be handy for National Kite Month. The Kite Society of Great Britain has some plans and articles, or you could visit the Virtual Kite Zoo. Worried about the weather? See Kitecast, complete with virtual kite.

  • And in other kite news: massive respect is due to Airborn Kites of Brighton who have spent a lot of time this week searching out replacement parts for my elderly kite and then sent them to me ... free of charge ... (or at least they say they have, they haven't arrived yet!) all on the premise that I promised to buy my next kite from them ...
  • I have a miniature kite, though not as intricate as those linked. It never fails to bewilder people who take notice when I'm flying it. Fun links, Plegmund!
  • In Bermuda Good Friday is a holiday and it's a tradition to make and fly paper kides on the beach that day. We've tried to introduce that tradition here but the windiest time has usually passed by that time of the year.