March 10, 2004

Curious, George: E-mail appointment book. I need a dayplanner, but I'm often not at home or office, or not on my usual computer. The only thing that's predictable is that I'm on E-mail every morning. Is there a reliable E-mail-based calendar "service" where I can maintain my schedules with a Web interface? My obligations could be E-mailed to me every morning. That would rock!
  • Yahoo will do that. Just go to calendar options and select a destination for your daily view.
  • I used to use My Yahoo, like monju_bosatsu says. You can have your address book, calendar, news headlines, horoscope, you-name-it on one page. I never felt entirely comfortable using the online address book, but the other features don't suck. You can also upload new information from your cellphone/PDA if you have one.
  • I echo the above. Yahoo's My Yahoo accounts are the most comprehensive personalized accounts that I know of. And it hardly ever goes down.
  • i wish my life were so exciting as to necessitate a dayplanner. as it is, my planner would read: - go to work. - work. - go home. with the additional "go out and have fun" line on weekends. heh.
  • Sidedish has it better than me as I work at home. -Get up -work? maybe. maybe not. -have a drink? sure why not? -work? fuck off eh and get me some smokes! -fall down in front yard to the eternal amusement of the neighbours. -go to bed. see? no need for a calendar at all. just a nice, soft spot in the front yard!
  • damnitkage: Can you make a profit at this? If so, email me ASAP. I want to take a course on how to become a millionaire with little or no start-up. This could be the job for me!
  • That schedule is for trust fund brats, not for millionaires.
  • Dang timmus, I was just kidding. it reads more like this: 6:00 a.m. - work on site for some idiot client who sent about 157 emails at 10:00 p.m. for some copywriting that has, just has to be done by 9:30 9:00 - Look up and realize the sun is up. Cuss, get more coffee and sit back down. 2:00 Open a can of corn, sit back down at computer. 7:00 Join family for dinner. Get back to computer. 3:00a.m. fall asleep on keyboard and produce best thing you've done all day. Exagerating a bit, but not that much. Would that I was a trust fund brat. Then maybe we wouldn't be on the verge of losing our house! Anyone need any web work done? I'm cheap like a hooker. Or something.
  • DK: I wasn't snarking on you... that was a joke about the trust fund brat lifestyle. My wife's ex is a trust fund brat and follows your first sked to a tee, except for a title put "My schedule at a van at the skydiving place". Everyone: Thanks all for recommending the Yahoo calendar! It's just what I needed.