November 13, 2006

Sock-sorting It's been too long since we've had any sock-related posts. Sort 'em here. Sort of via Mefi.
  • Wunderbar! Totally worth it to plat to the end. I think that i shall see no more A poem as lovely as a sorted sock drawer.
  • That's beautiful! One question. Why are the socks all on his crotch to start? I was afraid to remove the last couple at work! (It's totally SFW, though.)
  • He was probably trying to impress the ladies.
  • I'm going to wear them all and let god sort them :D
  • This is fake. Socks in the real world never match up like that. Where are the stray ones whose better halves left them for lintier pastures? Also: Cheat: Just nudge each sock around in the big pile on his crotch.
  • That reminds me, I need to do laundry and thus sort my raggedy-ass socks upon finishing.
  • I would go and have a nap, but there's a pile of unsorted socks on the bed. Sorting socks is more fun on the net than in real life.
  • I don't get it. I hate doing laundry, and I hate rolling socks. I don't even have to match them, all white. Plus those are girly socks. And he looks like an iPod commercial, of course I guess it would be called iSock. Haha. And whats with the creepy sock monster that grabs him. I see he tries to jump and get away, but it doesn't let go. I am assuming the heart in the back ground means the sock monster will pleasure itself with iSock guy. Why is any guy going to want to roll socks again if he may get sodomized by a sock monster. This a very disturbing insight into a demented mind.
  • Always straight to the sodomy with you, innit??
  • Good game, but I'm with snorkel - all my (work) socks are variations on black and grey, with little to tell between them. You say, if they're the same, why sort them? Because I must.
  • I for one, enjoyed it thoroughly. Now virtual underwear folding is another thing. Socks are pretty straight foreward, unlike underwear. Some of those silky, frilly, high cut, low cut, t-back, thong types are really difficult to fold and put away. Then there is womens underwear... /groan.
  • Underpants.
  • You say, if they're the same, why sort them? Because I must. Likewise. And when the sock-sorting can no longer be put off, and I find myself confronted by thirty pairs of almost but not quite identical black socks, I can't help but feel there's a metaphor for life in there somewhere.
  • I stuffed my socks inside my ears I've heard nothing for thirty-odd years I used to wear 'em on my feet but my feet are large and my socks were petit
  • General rule: If you can find two blackish or whiteish or greyish socks, just wear them. If anyone notices, it's their problem for paying too much attention to your ankles. This rule can be broken for special occasions when photographs will be taken.
  • To wear a mismate sock upon Her unbemittened hand's The fate of the forgetful child In snowy northern lands.
  • MonkeyFilter: It's their problem for paying too much attention to your ankles. I'm not sure what that means, but it hit my funny bone. Thanks, Ticky, for a diversion.