November 09, 2006

A Cold Night In Workington. A man seeks solace in the local bar. But No! A Pubwatch scheme has identified the man as a troublemaker. A lout! A common drunk-and-disorderly. What does one man have to do to get a beer in this lousy town?? That's right . . . Fart Spray.

If only the landlord could have taken the proper precautions. And, uh, the flatulence-filtering fart pad too. Which . . is kinda fun to say.

  • "He was also told he must forfeit the fart spray." Those...bastards!
  • The sneezing powder ... was classed as a dangerous drug. That'll larn 'im!
  • Okay okay, what about this: Shave By Norelco. I don't have sound, so I don't know what the guy is saying. But I think that just makes it better.