November 09, 2006

A Fiery End

No words do justice to the imbecility of this act.

  • This was nowhere near what I had expected. Scorched colon! Say no more. Move over gerbiling, papa's got a brand new bag!
  • Oh, like you guys could do better.
  • Ah, so he placed the rocket in his ass, pointing *up*. At first I thought he took one of those rockets with the stick on it that you fire out of a bottle, stuck the stick in his date, & launched it *out*. Because, you know, I've done that, & it was fine.
  • Monkeyfilter: I've done that, & it was fine
  • Holy sheeez... the guy is a soldier that just returned form Iraq. You can see some video there. Darwin winner of the year, no contest.
  • He's gonna have to try harder than that.
  • But it brings up an interesting question -- would you rather stick a Black Cat Thunderbolt Rocket up your ass, or bottom for a horse?
  • The BBC is just trying to get cheap laughs by using such filthy words as backside, botty, and bum, right? I am sure all right thinking men shall see through their flimsy chpremise.
  • I preferred the urinal craze.
  • Too bad he would have to die to qualify for a Darwin, but there's always next year. I wonder how many people's last words were "Hey, guys! Watch this!".
  • They forgot to mention that in the Jackass movie, the rocket was tied to the end of another guy's penis. Which took homoeroticism to a whole new, disturbing level.
  • To qualify for Darwin, you either have to die or have your "wedding tackle" removed or [enter some fate that we do not want to think about].
  • I think this counts then.