November 09, 2006

Dennis the Menace meets Fight Club.
  • WTF??
  • Nonsense. Everybody knows that Jack is a grown-up Hobbes.
  • Uh oh, I think the comicspost mafia will be here soon to trash the link.
  • The funniest Dennis the Menace has been in decades.
  • If I had a Dennis the Menace cartoon page it would be filled with this. Then again DFC was one of my first bookmarks back in the Netscape Navigator days.
  • I think this is actually a more coherent narrative than the film.
  • DTM link = Glorious. Thank you. C&H link = Ludicrous. Idiotic stretches which serve no purpose aside from intellectual self-arousal. Leave C&H alone. The DTM link is fun because DTM is a suck strip which has never been funny (except when on The Critic as Dennis the Menace II Society)..